PSD to WordPress Conversion, Address Autocomplete, Starbucks Late Night and Surviving the Night

Yesterday I started work on the PSD to WordPress conversion at the Starbucks after the library closed. I had originally planned to go for a run and then go to the hotel but I discovered that there was a random dude sleeping on the running track outside the trees – I could sense he may have been a bit crazy and so I decided to just go back to Starbucks.

Starbucks closes at 10pm except for Friday and Saturday and I think it’s a good spot to go to after the library closes – then afterwards I can go for a run. I don’t think it’s a good idea to go for a run then go to the hotel – considering my shirt is going to be soaked with sweat.

Also if I really want more time I can get up earlier and get to the city earlier.

Also I started working on the address autocomplete and got that setup – but having difficulty moving that to the root directory – however I have setup the CURL script and connected it to the API for the property so that’s great.

There are cool jobs that I have that I can focus on – so that is good for my porn addiction – as I have something else to focus on.

Also I booked a new place and will be moving to the house of a guy I get along with – so that will be great – I’m in a good spot right now – however I know Job Search will be on my ass to get a resume put together.

When I get paid from these plus all the other stuff I got going on – I will soon get to $5k.


Sunday Fun Day, Going for a Run, Big Starbucks, Getting Listing Images Right, Recovery meeting

Yesterday I woke up to have a recovery meeting with my sponsor who told me that if I’m not going to go to meetings then he’s not going to be my sponsor as there’s no point – afterwards I did put meetings in my phone but I noticed many of them are not close to where I am. There was a meeting yesterday in Mt. Gravatta however I did not go – looking back at it however I did look up porn this morning.

Yesterday was a pretty good day – I did get a bit done during the day however wasn’t able to work after I went to the hotel at night – however on the positive I did go for a run.

It was good to stay sober yesterday morning after talking to my outreach sponsor – and get into the city. I did have a big Starbucks but it was not that sweet – and my ass was just to that point where I could still run but I could feel the sweetness creating chaffing.

I setup some listing thumbnails for a client’s site – and unfortunately couldn’t start on the other client’s site because the cPanel details he had sent me were wrong – which is frustrating since this happened with another client which is unfortunate.

Anyway wish me luck.

Plastic Surgeon Link and Competitive Research, Video Guide and Checkout Fix for Adult Site, A little bit of porn

Yesterday I went into the city and got a bunch of stuff done – thank god for SEMRush and Ahrefs being very cheap. I was able to send out a competitive report to a plastic surgeon client to find a keyword – and I feel like I really need to catch up on this sound proofing client who seems to have gone AWOL.

Finally I setup a video walkthrough of the checkout process which is awesome – so yeah – things are going well.

When I got home I did look up porn but it was only a little bit as I was tired.

Also I found a concession card with $35 on it – so my travel times are cut. So that is great!

Finally I watched a movie at the cinemas and had an ice cream – and generally had a pretty good evening.

Sending Proposals, Working on Checkout, Hotel and Running

Yesterday was a pretty productive day because afterwards I went to the hotel and got a proposal typed out. So it was a pretty productive day – I do feel quite bad at the end of the day – part of it has to do with buying a hot chocolate – I bought one and the guy gave me 2 – and I think I had a bit of a sugar spike. What I’m thinking is in the future just leave the hot chocolate there and don’t drink it.

I got two proposals sent out yesterday and I got a confirmation from the slow client to go ahead and to send him invoice – all though I haven’t heard from him.

Also I worked on the adult client and got a checkout process put in place that required users to go to the purchase screen so that’s cool – looking forward to sending that to the client.

My eco client hasn’t paid his invoice which is annoying.

And this morning I had someone comment and cut me hard – so that’s something to look into.

And I’m thinking of getting more domains and PBN’s purchased so wish me luck :).

Arm Hurting, Proposal, SEMRush Trial and Ahrefs Trial setup

Yesterday I went into the city after cooking some food – it’s funny because I am now in the city at the same time as I was yesterday after waking up at 6:30am. Unfortunately this morning I looked up porn again – all though it was only for a short period of time.

SEMRush and Ahrefs didn’t work for a second day in a row but I fixed it by learning how to get unlimited trials on Ahrefs. Also I found a way to do a trial on SEMRush too. I don’t think they track your credit card numbers.

Finally my arm started hurting to the point I couldn’t even work – I’m feeling better this morning and I knew it would heal but it freaked me out – I’m not sure why it was hurting (if it was because I was doing push ups or what). I don’t like parts of myself hurting.

Unfortunately that new client just disappeared – it’s so annoying.

But the good thing is I got a new client.

Sobriety, New Place, Work Hustle – new SEO client

Yesterday I moved to the new place – it was very nice – I got a very good sleep. The person that was there was quite nice – she is the wife of the guy who put the house up on AirBnB. The whole experience has been positive so far.

Getting to the place was easy and also it’s quite close to the city – so I’m not sure why it was showing up more hours than it did. Got a new potential SEO client – and I also called him at night.

I’m still sober – all though I didn’t get a chance to go for a run yesterday because I had to get to this landlord’s place – thankfully I have a key now so I can come and go as I please.

Had a pretty constructive day yesterday – wish me luck.

Oh – and if I close these two new SEO clients (got a new one today) – I’m getting off the dole – I promise!

Early Morning Wake Up StarBucks, Addicted to Typing, Project Confirmed, Running Late and Sobriety

Yesterday was a good day as far as my sobriety goes – I ate good healthy food. Had a salad in the morning and also got some work done in a Starbucks – which was positive. Eventually I got a confirmation on a web development project which was great – that puts me up on 5 projects per month (and I got a new potential client this morning so let’s see where that takes me).

I went for a run in the evening (where I saw some shifty looking guy looking at me). But it was good to go for a run and then I went to the hotel afterwards – I spent $4.50 on a hot chocolate – but I guess the positive side is that by the time I got back home I was too tired to masturbate. And this morning I have woken up and gone out with my pots (which luckily fit in my Coles bag quite comfortably).

And yes I am addicted to a typing game – which is sucking up a lot of my time. All though I did setup some SSL certificates – to be fair though there was other stuff I really should have been doing instead of that though.

If I can close just 2 more clients I can get off Centrelink – speaking of which I got an SMS yesterday that my payments were cancelled – I called up and it got re-instated but now I have to apply for jobs – I don’t even have a resume what the fuck am I supposed to send them.