Overcoming the Rage and Lack of Control, Creating Footer


esterday I started the day, took my cold shower and then went into town. I caught the bus for the first time – the non school bus. And I was in town. I felt great for the first time in a long time. I restarted my work and setup the footer for my site and even wrote the blog psot.

Then I went and had lunch and listened to classical music – and went into OnQ.

This is where the first big challenge came up – since I was told I could not be at OnQ for longer than an hour- which really affected me throughout the rest of the day and brought up a lot of rage in me and uncomfortability in me. As these feelings bubbled to the surface I was able to deal with them and not look up porn – and stayed sober throughout the whole day.

A win as far as my sobriety goes.


New Work Station

Yesterday I started working up at the temple, attached to a powerpoint – for the first time.

However it was once again a slow day – I didn’t get into town – it was raining and I had missed the bus. More distraction.

VC Front Page Setup, Facebook Campaign for Split Test Setup + Mailchimp Integration, 2 PBN Setups, Restarting Day after Porn, Good Food and Presence + Video Diary


esterday the day started off with me looking up porn in the morning – the day was off to be a bad day. After I got up my irritation started playing up and my ego was in full control. However I recovered in the day and had a great day afterwards.

Not only did I do a lot of work afterwards – but I also had a healthy lunch (Hare Krishna) – and went into the shopping centre and had a very present state of mind – and did some PBN’s. I was very present and didn’t even masturbate at night time – despite looking up porn in the evening.

There were two tasks I did – and one other thing – I updated both clients at the end of the task rather than at the end of the day. This is a step in the right direction.

Anyway I setup the Visual Composer page for the classified client – and I did this by purchasing the VC – and I not only purchased it but also informed the client of it. And I figured this whole Visual Composer out on my own – and I did that by learning how to use it using a training video. Great job!

The next thing was the campaign finalisation – with setting up Mailchimp integration, requesting Mailchimp access and also requesting the PDF – and setting up a Facebook campaign split test! So that was awesome.

Regarding food I had an all you can eat Hare Krishna buffet and was very healthy. So that’s awesome.

One more thing – yesterday I did a video diary – and this was the 3rd day of creating a video diary – so that’s great.

Expanding instead of Contracting, Quote Sent, Sobriety Maintained, Rain Overcome


Yesterday I woke up with rain pouring down hard – a perfect excuse to stay in bed. In fact that’s what I did – at least for a while. I stayed in bed – and missed the bus. And I could have used this as an excuse to continue to stay in bed – however I didn’t. Instead I got out – walked downstairs – and even though my food was eaten by someone (who knows who) – I still went out to the front of the village and started hitch hiking. Eventually I got a lift from someone and was in town.

As I was in town I caught a bus back only to have the bridge flooded.

Luckily there was someone who could take me back into town – and once I came back I was stuck between staying at the YHA and expanding. And I expanded! I took the bus over to the Gold Coast and booked a room on AirBnB – unfortunately I was not able to have the room confirmed – however I did book into a hostel where I had the room to myself.

And I stayed sober and ate good food.

One thing I should mention also is that I sent an email with a quote over to a client. So that is positive news.

Overcoming procrastination and slugishness, admitting bug found, removing gap and call to action with elementor, another sober day

Yesterday was another sober day away from porn. My sober days are piling up. And not only that but I also got work done yesterday and overcame my procrastination and sluggishness. This time I did not let myself get down on myself – instead I simply meditated looking outside looking at the trees and thinking about how they grow – and allowed myself to naturally fall back into the rhythm.

And I woked and enjoyed it.

It should be noted that while I was working I realised that some of the functionality on a site I was working on did not work because – and I had tested this – I used the Elementor plugin. After creating a staging site I not only realised what was going on –  but I updated the client with the bad news and what I planned to do about it. This is a big step forward for me – to admit my mistakes and own them.

Also I fixed up the padding issue for the spiritual village website – so that’s awesome – it looks great – and I also added call to actions for both cabins and private rooms. Now the next step is to set up the split test :).

Stayed sober – overcame procrastination. Good work!